Specialist approach to golfing improvement

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We offer a unique opportunity for serious golfers who are keen to improve their game. Complimenting rather than replacing traditional methods of golf coaching, Premium Golf Consulting brings a multi-disciplinary approach to golf. Such an approach is commonplace in other sports like athletics and rugby but, until now, it has not been developed in this country. Through our network of specialists, we are able to provide all the resources necessary to achieve your golfing goals. Whether you are a club/corporate golfer, or a tournament player (amateur or professional), we can deliver a scope and level of coaching previously unavailable to all but the world's best.

Essentially, there are two strands to the expert coaching we provide:

Using a highly individual approach we help you focus on the elements of golf, mental and physical training that will most effectively improve your game. Our services are aimed at the golfer who is not willing to compromise on the quality of information (s)he receives and is willing to take on board new information that has helped the top names in sport. To find out more about how we could help you call us on 0845 124 1012 or contact us.





From basic accessories right up to custom fit clubs and and Galvin Green waterproofs, Premium Golf selects the best products and golf gear around. You can order online and we'll deliver to your door.




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